A new board for DSD Waldur

On Friday 6th of March during the general memebers meeting of Waldur a change in Board took place. During the GMM there was presentation of the activities of the last three years by former chairman Stefan. Furthermore the finances of the last years and this year were discussed. Laurens, the new chairman, gave a short presentation of the plans for Waldur in the upcoming year and Niek, the new treasurer, presented the budget for this year.

After these formal point the discharge of the old board and installation of the new board took place. The old board told us about their experience and after installation the GMM ended and the new board was congratulated. The evening ended with a small drink in Het Walhalla where all who were present could get a drink and chat.

On behalf of the new board I would like to use this opportunity once again to thank the old board. You are more than welcome to join any activities we get to organize in the upcoming year!

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