TenneT (Excursion and/or Dinnerlecture)

TenneT is a company that supervises the Dutch electricity network. It will give us the opportunity to have a look at one of their substations in Eindhoven. Afterwards, a dinner will be served in De Zwarte Doos, after TenneT has given a lecture about ‘Operational Challenges in the Tranmission System’.

12:00 uur Start excursion station Eindhoven 380 (group 1) , duration 2 hours
14:00 uur Start excursion station Eindhoven 380 (group 2), duration 2 hours

16.30 uur Guest lecture Sander Franke: Operational challenges at a Transmission System
17.30 uur Dinner

For the excursion, you are able to sign-up in one of the two timeslots. People who have signed up for the excursion do have precendence on the others.


Registrations are closed for this event.