Prodrive online lunchlecture

On Friday 11-12-2020 from 12:40 until 13:20 Waldur organizes a lunch lecture together with Prodrive.

Conventional elevator systems typically lack in throughput, flexibility and functionality due to the cable propelling the elevator cart. Therefore Prodrive has designed and built a revolutionary propulsion system based on linear motors to propel multiple elevator carts through a complex shaft system, where carts can also move horizontal. The presentation will focus on the complete project timeline, from requirements, design, prototyping to series production of the complete system. Some highlights are: linear motor design, a novel position sensor and qualification testing on a 160 meter test track.

The lecture will be given online through MS Teams and you will receive a join link after subscribing for this event. If you still want to join the lecture after 10-12-2020 please also send an email to so we can be sure not to miss your subscription.

We hope to see you at the lecture!


Registrations are closed for this event.