Excursion to TenneT

Thursday the 13th of november we were invited by one of our sponsors, TenneT TSO, the main electricity transmission system operator of the Netherlands. It was early in the morning when we headed to the headquarters of TenneT in Arnhem. We were very impressed by the appearance of the new building. First we had a presentation from an experienced employee of TenneT. He told us about the importance of net availability, threats and trends about the net. He also told about the big windmill parks in the sea which TenneT is building right now. After the presentation we went to the main control room. It was very special to be at this place.

excursiontennet4  excursiontennet3

After a delicious lunch we got some more insight in the different opportunities TenneT has to offer for students. Furthermore we continued with an interactive session in which we had to come up with solutions for a real life problem TenneT is dealing with. We made four groups and had to choose the three best solutions on the basis of feasibility and effectiveness. After this we got in contact with members of the jury and they helped to pick out the best idea and make a presentation around it. We ended the session with the presentations of the groups and a small reward was given to the group with the best solution. From this it was clear that the problems need not only technical but multilevel solutions which are acceptable for a lot of different other parties. Cooperation, communication and contact with all these parties is crucial for the success of TenneT. After this the cold beers and wine was served and we had the opportunity to ask some more direct questions.


Thank you TenneT for organizing this interesting and fun day!