Lunchlecture Ventolines

yolo2On Monday 18 November Dr. Ir. Bart Ummels of Ventolines gave a lunch lecture about wind farm Noordoostpolder. Bart graduated from TU Delft in 2004 System Engineering, Policy and Management. After that, he did a PhD in Electrical Power Engineering, also in Delft.

He has been working on wind farm Noordoostpolder (Flevoland, the Netherlands) since 2012. The wind farm will have a capacity of 432 MW and consists of 3 parts: Westermeerwind, the near-shore part in the IJsselmeer and NOP Agrowind and Zuidwester, two on-shore wind farms along the Noordoostpolder dyke. Bart is technical project manager of the former two wind farms, the latter wind farms is built by RWE and Essent.

NOP Agrowind comprises 26 turbines, and replaces an ageing wind farm of 50 turbines at the same site. In order to optimally exploit the current subsidies, the largest turbines available are used. These massive wind turbines of 7.58 MW each are more than 200 metres tall, and the power output of one of the new turbines is equal to the entire old wind farm. These turbines are also used in the RWE/Essent bit of the farm.

Because of a different subsidy scheme for offshore wind farms, the Westermeerwind turbines are not as outsized as the on-shore units, but still generate a sizable 3 MW. Construction of the 48 turbines requires many specialized vessels, which are quite expensive to use. For this reason, time-efficient installation of the turbines is of vital importance. For this reason, single piles are driven into the lakebed, onto which the actual wind turbines are mounted.

The three sub-farms are connected to the 110 kV net by means of 33 kV lines to a substation. Each division of the wind farms has one or more 33 kV lines. Each string of turbines is always connected to only one (three phase) 33 kV line, which feeds directly to the 110 kV substation. Because each turbine can be separately switched off from the 33 kV bus, the operational reliability is still sufficient. The 110 kV station is however redundant.
The wind farm is to be completed in 2016, when it will supply 400.000 households with energy, 60 times more than the old wind farm, making it the largest wind farm in the Netherlands.