Waldur activities

Waldur activities

More activities coming soon! Interested to organize one yourself? Let us know at board@waldur.nl

Looking for extra board members

Looking for extra board members

Looking for a new oportunity? Contact us at board@waldur.nl

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Upcoming activities

In December there will be two coffee hours, probably a lunchlecture and a christmas drink in the Walhalla, 'Waldur Weihnachten'

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Upcoming Events

12 Dec 2016

Coffee hour

Waldur will pour a very nice cup of coffee for you! Monday ...
21 Dec 2016

Waldur Weihnachten

Prepare for the christmas holidays with Waldur!
20 Jun 2017

Power Electronics Event 2017 in ‘s Hertogenbosch

http://www.vermogenselektronicaonline.nl/. Het event is gratis toegankelijk.

Graduate at Shell

Cigre Themadag

Lunchlecture Ventolines