About Us

What is Waldur?

DSD Waldur is a study association for master students of the Department of Electrical Engineering van de Eindhoven University of Technology, who specialize themselves in:

  • Power Grids
  • Smart Grids and Sustainability
  • Power Conversion
  • Electric Actuators and Motors
  • Electromechanics and Mechatronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Automotive and Offshore

These specializations are grouped within the “Electrical Energy Systems (EES)” and “Electromechanics and Power Electronics (EPE)” capacity groups. We also attract more and more master students of the master “Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)”.

Purpose of Waldur?

The purpose of Waldur is linking the students and companies in the field of the specialization mentioned above. We do this primarily by organizing trips, lunch lectures, study tours and network events. In addition, we will publish twice a year a magazine (the Gjallar), where we will report all our activities. A great way for companies to advertise towards students, but also to our benefactors (Ex Waldur Members who are now promiment people in business). We have a Linkedin group as well. Allowing us to increase the efficiency of our large network.

Introduction video