DSD Waldur gives students the opportunity to take place in a committee in which they can (learn to) organize interesting activities. Some examples of (previous) committees at Waldur are:

Activity Committee

The activity committee is tasked with the general goal of organizing interesting activities for members of DSD Waldur. For instance the activity committee can organize lunchlectures, symposia, excursion, publectures or a simple relaxing activity such as a members BBQ or lunch.

Gjallar committee

The Gjallar committee is tasked with the goal of creating the association magazine which is printed and distributed for all members and benefiaries. Members of this committee are challenged to find interesting developments in the field to tell others about and report on interesting developments.

Travel committee

The travel committee is tasked with organizing a trip (abroad) for the members of Waldur. During such a trip students can visit interesting cities, companies and experience other cultures. The previously organized trips were in different in lengths and around 2 to 6 days long.

Anything else..

If you have another idea on what to organize for students? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

Are you interested in joining any of these committees? Send a mail to the secretary. We are always looking for enthusiastic students who want to help make Waldur even better!