Activity Committee

The activity committee is tasked with the general goal of organizing interesting activities for members of DSD Waldur. For instance the activity committee can organize lunchlectures, symposia, excursion, publectures or a simple relaxing activity such as a members BBQ or lunch.

Currently the activity committee consists of:

Menno Spitteler

Passionate about everything with electronics or electrical. Currently in his master Electrical Engineering at the EES group, specialization Pulsed Power.

Stefan Molenschot

Currently in his Master Electrical Engineering. Loves very VERY large electrical installations

Robin van der Meulen

studies master electrical engineering in the Control systems department. Loves knakworst

Koen Kaalberg

Koen became a member by accident, as a lost Electromagnetics master student. He is slowly being more and more converted into the large power stuff…