A receipt should show:

  • Date
  • Price per item
  • Discounts
  • Total price

The easiest way to make sure your declaration is okay is by scanning the entire receipt using a printer on the TU/e campus. Check before uploading though because sometimes the scanfunction does not work correctly and leaves you with half the receipt.

Your receipt can only show items you want to include in your declaration! (also no crossed off articles)

If your declaration does not show these points, it will not be accepted. If you’ve lost the receipt talk to the treasurer for help.

If you want declare the costs of a ride you did for Waldur. Make a screenshot of google maps to show the route you have driven. This should show the amount of kilometers you have driven. Multiplying this by €0.19 is what Waldur will pay you back (as can be seen on the website of Rijksoverheid).