DNV Excursion

On the 27th of May, we will host an online excursion to DNV! They will virtually give a tour through their lab and tell you about three developments within DNV.


‘’ The sunny side of DNV ‘’ by Michele Tagliapietra (Solar Team)

What do we do in our solar team? Michele will explain and describe what are our more typical services, such as utility-scale, C&I and rooftop solar due diligences, as well as our more atypical and innovative projects, such as floating solar and to the combination of solar and storage, supporting and guiding the whole solar industry.

‘’Black-out and Power Failure Investigations – searching for the needle in the haystack with advanced techniques and methods”  by Peter van der Wielen, Mischa Vermeer, Bernd van Maanen (Power Failure Investigation – Asset Management Team)

Regularly electrical power failures occur. Grid components explode, part of cities are without electrical power and sometimes part of countries are into dark. As our dependency on electricity increases and so are the costs related to outages, it is important to know what has happened exactly. Furthermore, knowing about the details of the incident is crucial to enable avoidance of reoccurrence. DNV provides this power failure investigation service to get to exactly that information. With a structured approach and advanced testing methodologies, DNV can discover the truth of such incidents where others cannot. Employees within the company like such tasks a lot and often find themselves in a CSI-alike setting where evidence seem to be lost and the origin of the failure still needs and will be found. This requires deep knowledge of the components as well as the power systems, but also a lot of creative thinking and brainstorming across various disciplines. In this presentation we will present the purpose, challenges as well as some examples related to this power failure investigation service.

Virtual tour of the PFI lab & Q&A by Peter van der Wielen, Mischa Vermeer, Bernd van Maanen

Virtual tour in the Power Failure Investigation lab during in which we will show some examples and investigation methods, during which will be revealed that the PFI activities are like investigating a crime or fire scene, in which focus is on the search for hidden evidence and reconstruction of what actually happened.

‘’Next Generation of Grid Operations Systems. ‘’ by Elena Henríquez & Frank Jacobs  (INC team)

Today’s power grid requires a simplified and digitally enabled organisation to improve performance. The current needs are in the areas of Data sharing within IT/OT, decision-making based on situational awareness, New (automated) digital business functions, Effective & transparent (data) governance, Integration of OT, telecom, cyber security and IT and flexible structure to allow new developments


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