June 20th, 2012

On the ALV of June 20th, 2012, it was finally time to switch the Waldur board. It was very difficult for the old board to leave their positions, after such a long and good experience with Waldur. Especially for Raoul, it was hard to leave the board after three years of experience within the Waldur board. Also, Jos needed to leave the board, because he is almost finished graduating. Fortunately, a new, enthusiastic board has been found to take over their responsibilities. We welcome Arno Stamps as vice chairman and commissioner of public relations, and Ruben Geurts as treasurer. Ralph has taken over the tasks of Raoul, while Willie will still be fulfilling his tasks as secretary.

The board from left to right: Arno Stamps, Willie van Meijl, Ralph Stassen and Ruben Geurts

Board members:

  • Chairman: Ralph Stassen
  • Secretary: Willie van Meijl
  • Treasurer: Ruben Geurts
  • Vice Chairman and Commissioner of Public Relations: Arno Stamps