Symposium DC-Grids


On 1 December the Waldur Symposium on DC  Grids will be held. 4 Experts from the field will be asked to present the latest developments in DC Distribution grid technology. Possibilities, risks and problems will be discussed as well as societal impact.  Depending on the Covid-19 situation the symposium will either be held at the […]


Lustrum Memberlunch


Come celebrate Waldurs 50th birthday with us during our Birthday lunch! All members will be more than welcome to visit the master association workplaces and chill on the sofas there. During the lunch both the famous electrocuted sausages from the worstenbakker and some delicious pie/vlaai will be served. The food and drinks will be free […]


Lunchlecture Strukton Power

Flux Colloquium 6

Battery and hybrid electric traction systems are replacing diesel only powertrains at an increasing rate. For railway vehicles such as passenger trains, (shunting) locomotives, and railway machinery this transition to (hybrid) electric powered systems is challenging due to their high power and energy demand. Strukton Power is working on this energy transition by developing scalable […]

Lustrum Members Drink

Come celebrate Waldurs 50th birthday with us during our Birthday drink! All members will of course be welcomed with a celebratory drink and we will take care of some delicious snacks! We hope to see you at the party!

Lustrum Benefactor day


Celebrating our Birthday is of course most fun with not only student members of Waldur but also our Benefactors! This event is meant to get both groups in contact, facilitate networking and at the same time visit a very interesting company! On the 1st of April, the benefactor day of Waldur will take place.  The […]

General Members Meeting


On 3rd of May at 17:30 a General Members Meeting of DSD Waldur will take place. The location for the meeting is Flux 0.150, if this changes this will be shown on this page. The documents for the GMM will be shared with those who register via this event or can be requested by sending […]

Members Lunch Q4

Disputenwerkplek, Flux floor 6

Come join us and your fellow members for a nice hot (electrocuted) sausage on a bun and some pie/"vlaai" during our quarterly members lunch! Free for all Waldur members. Please send us a message if you would like a vegetarian option!

EES+ EPE+ Waldur BBQ

Groene Loper, in front of Flux

To celebrate the end of the (academic) year we are organizing a BBQ for EES & EPE employees and Waldur members! After a long & dark period of Corona, it is nice to catch up with colleagues again! Or if you are a student,  and always wanted to have an informal chat with that interesting […]

Strukton Power excursion

Did you join and enjoy the lunchlecture of our lustrumweek? Or did you not have the change but still want to see the cool project? Come and see the project in real life during our excursion to Alblasserdam where we can see the setup. Battery and hybrid electric traction systems are replacing diesel only powertrains […]

DNV Lunchlecture

Flux Colloquium 6

DNV will present a lunch lecture on submarine power cables! Power cables on land are difficult, but if something goes wrong you can send a team out to fix it. Submarine cables present a whole new level of challenges in terms of reliability, method of construction and certification due to their remote location. DNV is […]

Constitutie Borrel

Het Walhalla

Come and Congratulate the new board of Waldur!

Waldur Start of the Year Drink

Het Walhalla

Dear members! To celebrate the start of the new academic year, we are organizing a drink at Het Walhalla!  Also, if you are a new EES/EPE/SET student coming from another University feel free to join and make new friends :)

Lunchlecture Prodrive

Flux 0.150

On the 21st of September Prodrive will give a lunchlecture! Future of electric vehicle charging In this presentation a glimpse into the future will be given regarding EV charging for different use cases and markets. Besides regular charging with a cable and plug, also automated charging systems are discussed. This vision is mainly based on […]


Waldur GMM

Flux 3.256 (Colloqium)

The annual Waldur General Members Meeting will be held. Agenda: Opening Determining of agenda Mail in/out Announcements Minutes of last GMM DSD Waldur Annual report Waldur Financial report Waldur Budget Waldur 2022/2023 Any other business Invitation of questions Closing

DNV excursion

Groene Loper, in front of Flux

On the 12th of October we are going on an excursion with DNV in Arnhem! DNV is a global company specialized in documentation and certification of large scale Electrical Power projects. Further more they do research and due dilligence for governments and large corporations to protect life, property and the environment.  During the excusion, the […]

CIGRE Session

Groene Loper, in front of Flux

Sign up here for your entry ticket! CIGRE Netherlands & Belgium, an international knowledge platform for electrical energy systems is organizing their yearly seminar to exchange knowledge on energy distribution. Students are free to attent! Program: Het bouwen aan een intelligente, duurzame, betrouwbaar, betaalbare én inclusieve energie infrastructuur stelt netbedrijven en de industriële clusters van Nederland […]

Excursion to RWE Claus Centrale

Groene Loper, in front of Flux

14th of November we are going on an excursion to a Gas Power Plant: The Claus Centrale. Program: 11:00-11:15 Assemble in front of Flux Going to Maasbracht by Touringcar A lunch and Small Presentations about RWE, the Clauscentrale, opportunities at RWE and a day in the life of an RWE engineer  Tour of the Clauscentrale […]

Board Interest lunch

Flux Colloquium 6

Are you interested in becoming the next Waldur board? Together with Thor and the other Master Associations we will host a lunch for interested people to network and to discuss what being a board actually means! Food will be provided ofcourse! please sign up here: If you are not a member of Thor, send […]

Members Lunch

Disputenwerkplek, Flux floor 6

A members lunch! To network and to get to know your fellow EES & EPE students

Lunchlecture HyTEPS

Catalyst Building on Campus De Lismortel 31, Eindhoven

HyTEPS will give an explosive lecture at their office on the TU/e campus, building Catalyst. The presentation will be about safety of workers in installations. As future engineers we bear the responsibility for safe design. HyTEPS is a small Electrical Engineering Consultancy Firm specialized in Power Quality, EMC and safety in industrial and offshore installations.

[KIVI] Lunchlecture ELEQ

Lunchlecture will be in dutch KIVI, Koninklijk instituut voor Ingenieurs is organizing a digital lunchlecture about smart grids and measuring equipment.  Programma 11:45 - 12:00 uur Aanmelden bij MS Teams 12:00 - 12:05 uur Welkom door KIVI Elektrotechniek 12:05 - 12:45 uur Presentatie door ir. Reinout Edgar Getreuer, Innovation Manager at ELEQ 12:45 - 13:00 uur Q & A met beantwoorden van vragen […]

Waldur Benefactors day

Prodrive Technologies Science Park Eindhoven, Son

The Waldur benefactors day 2023 will be to Prodrive Technologies in Son on the 30th of March 2023. It will be an afternoon with several Power Conversion and Energy related presentations followed by a tour of the hypermodern Industry 4.0 manufacturing plant. Prodrive Technologies is a world leader in Power Electronics, mechatronics, and embedded systems. […]

Waldur ’23-24 volunteers lunch

Flux Colloquium 6

A lunch for all volunteers for the year 2023-2024 to discuss who wants to organize events, what kind of events and how do we keep the association alive coming year. Are you also interested in becoming active, and earning your waldur tie? Then please subscribe! :)  

Lunchlecture Deme Offshore Wind Farm

Flux Colloquium 6

It is not possible to subscribe for this event anymore! Deme group, where sustainability meets innovation. Deme is a global leader in sustainable marine and environmental solutions, specializing in dredging, land reclamation, and offshore wind farm construction. During the lunchlecture, Deme Offshore will discuss the electrical aspects of wind farms. This also includes the installation […]

CIGRE Teamday

TU Delft: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science Melkweg 4, Delft

CIGRE is a global community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of end to end power system expertise. The Cigre Next Generation Network (CIGRE NGN, or Young CIGRE) represents your gateway into the multifaceted world of CIGRE. You’ll find the connections, knowledge, and confidence you need to advance your career, with the opportunity to […]

10 Euro – 30 Euro

Master associations drink

Het Walhalla

A drink, organized by Waldur Eir and Odin to socialize with your fellow master students!

General Members Meeting

Flux 1.02

On the 27th of October a General Members Meeting of DSD Waldur will take place. The location of the meeting will be at the TU/e campus, Flux 1.02. The documents for the GMM can be requested by sending an e-mail to The board proposes the following agenda: Opening Determining of agenda Mail in/out Announcements […]